One Vertis Plaza - AMENITIES

  • The Concourse: The Concourse measures 1,813sqm of an area that is dedicated to a motor court and drop-off areas. The area offers a grand sense of arrival that also provides an efficient vehicular circulation so cars and other service vehicles won’t make scenes. In other words, the Concourse provides ample space for vehicles and pedestrians where accidents are remote possibilities.
  • A nine-meter-high ceiling of the Grand Lobby: To provide employees and bosses with a breathable atmosphere right at the beginning of their day, the One Vertis Plaza’s lobby is equipped with a light-filled entry space with impressive and refined materials. The double-volume height lobby will give tenants a grand sense of entrance. The interior design is also recommendable. The ceiling is dazzling nine meters high to allow fresher air to circulate. 
  • DCS-designed Elevators: The elevators at One Vertis are designed with DCS (Destination Control System) that provide efficient and quick vertical transportation inside the tower. This system provides optimum elevator operations that recognize the passengers’ destinations inside the building the moment they enter the elevator. The tower will have 19 elevators, all are DCS-capable. Sixteen of these elevators are high-speed.
  • Sprawling Food Hall: At One Vertis Plaza, minimum health protocols are observed. Just like during break time or coffee breaks. The expansive food hall offers a safe and relaxing haven for everyone. The food hall is located on the ground floor of the One Vertis called the SQUARE. The SQUARE offers diverse dining options amid convenient and accessible spaces.
  • Expansive Retail Area: One Vertis also offers a vast space (1,800sqm) for retail options. This area is integrated and connected with the SQUARE and the gardens. Unlike other corporate offices, the retail area at One Vertis offers affordable prices on their merchandise targeting employees who are seeking great value for their hard-earned money.
  • A two-hectare amazing garden! Integrated with the SQUARE and the retail establishments, the Vertis Gardens offer two hectares of impressive natural wonders. The gardens sit next to One Vertis Plaza where everyone could mingle, promenade, and bond after a hard day’s work. The Vertis Gardens mimic the natural vibes of a thick forest with but with walkways.  
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